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Goscor Hi Reach is the first IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) accredited training provider in Africa. Goscor Hi-Reach’s training is also accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), the Services SETA (SSETA) and the Institute for Work at Height (IWH), all of which are professional bodies highly dedicated to the safer operating of MEWP’s (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms)

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Goscor Hi-reach works according to the SAQA 243272 operator training standards where on completion of the training, the qualified learner is able to: identify applications and to decide on the appropriate MEWP to be used; assess risks in the work environment to prevent and eliminate safety hazards; conduct pre-operation inspection of MEWPS; make use of safe operating procedures and practices for MEWPS;  place people, tools and equipment correctly and safely on MEWP as well as conduct shut-down procedures and stow MEWP safely.


Goscor Hi Reach provides the following accredited training:

  • Unit Standard 243272 training – Accredited by the Services Seta and The Institute for Work at Height (IWH Professional Body). This is basic training on operating a mobile elevating work platform.
  • Basic safety familiarisation and handover training – We offer machine specific training to each operator prior to any of our machines being handed over. All operator familiarisation sessions are conducted fully in accordance with the international safety norms and directives ISO 18878:2013. Training can be done at our offices in Alrode but can also happen on-site ensuring operators are fully comfortable operating the machine in their actual working environment.
  • NNQF Course on basic fall prevention We have designed a practically orientated, in-house training intervention which empowers learners to be recognised by the IWH PB (Institute for Work at Height – Professional Body) as a MEWP Practitioner, and not simply a MEWP Operator. Visit this site for more information:         
  • Machine specific technical training – It is important that our customers are not only equipped to operate our machines but that they also know how the machine works. Our quality machines are designed to be easy to use and offer a safe way to work at height, but with basic familiarisation training, operators will be able to use the equipment more effectively and safely.


Learn more about training requirements as defined by the new construction regulations: